Ocean Podcasts

A selection of some of our favorite ocean-related podcasts:

April 13, 2021 Our Epic Ocean Carl Safina – Ecologist. Marine Conservationist. Endowed Professor at Stony Brook University

August 27, 2020 Science Magazine Arctic sea ice under attack, and ancient records that can predict the future effects of climate change

August 19, 2020 Mongabay Singing and Whistling Cetaceans of Southern Africa Revealed by Bioacoustics

July 30, 2020 NOAA Ocean Service Breaking Down Barriers

June 24, 2020 Mongabay Animals Have Culture, Too

April 9, 2020 Scientific American What’s a Narwhal Tusk For?

March 27, 2020 Webinar: The Connection between the Planet’s Natural Systems and COVID-19: A Conversation with Dr. Sylvia Earle & Liz Taylor

March 6, 2020 NPR Invisibilia Two Heartbeats A Minute
An unlikely team of technologists and biologists are tackling climate change with an out-of-the-box tactic: using machine learning and AI to try to translate animal communications into human language.

February 27, 2020 Meet the Ocean Encounters – Emperors on Ice

February 19, 2020 ByRoshni Balaji Craig Leeson’s ‘A Plastic Ocean’ shows the devastating effects of plastic on marine life

February 18, 2020 Cold Call Podcast Global Ocean Trust: Protecting the Blue Planet in New Ways

January 23, 2020 NOAA Ocean Podcast The Nurdle Patrol: Citizen Scientists Fight Pollution, One Pellet at a Time

November 26, 2019 Ocean Science Radio Swimming in an Ocean of Plastics and Hauling it Out