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A Chilean Archipelago Rivaling the Galápagos Fends Off Invasive Species

November 26, 2020 By Barinia Montoya Hakai Magazine
Rich in both marine and terrestrial biodiversity, Juan Fernández Archipelago National Park (PNAJF) in Chile boasts species that live nowhere else in the world. Legends abound in this remote land, such as those that inspired the famous novel Robinson Crusoe — and which gives its name to one of its islands — of pirates, corsairs and even an ancient hidden treasure that eager seekers are still trying to unearth. This place is also an example of how concerted efforts can bring back to life places that are most degraded by human development.

Managing the Majestic Jumbo Flying Squid

June 4, 2020 By Benjamin Ryan The New York Times
Climate change, scientists suggest, has been fueling the squid bounty where Chile in particular is concerned. Two decades ago, South Pacific jumbo squid fishing was a mainstay industry in Peru, but the cephalopod went largely unfished in Chilean waters to the south. Since the early 2000s, the squid’s range has shifted farther and farther down Chile’s 2,700-mile coastline. It has also pulsed farther west into the high seas away from Peruvian shores.