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Satellites Used to Identify Plastics Floating in Ocean

April 23, 2020 Express & Star
Satellites can be used to successfully identify plastics floating on the surface of the sea, a study has found, with the potential to help ocean clean-ups. Data from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellites was used to develop the method, which allows aggregations of plastic pieces and items such as bottles and carrier bags to be spotted and identified from space.

As the ocean warms, marine species relocate toward the poles

March 26, 2020 Science Daily
Since pre-industrial times, the world’s oceans have warmed by an average of one degree Celsius (1°C). Now researchers report that those rising temperatures have led to widespread changes in the population sizes of marine species. The researchers found a general pattern of species having increasing numbers on their poleward sides and losses toward the equator.